ZAQ Actuarial

ZAQ Actuaries team is highly regarded and has vast in-depth experience having completed over 1 000 valuations in the past 10 years.

ZAQ Actuaries provides solutions and expert advice on:

  • Accounting valuations – IAS 19, AASB 119, GRAP 25, GRAP 19, IFRS 2 and AASB 2
  • Optionality valuation for BEE transactions in terms of IFRS 2.
  • Statutory work – Pension Fund and Life Office Valuations.
  • Damages valuations for legal purposes– Loss of income, Loss of support, Claims against an Estate.
  • Risk management – Liability risk management, Enterprise Risk Management, Insurance optimization.
  • Consulting – Various special projects that require actuarial input and expertise.
  • Financial Wellness – We look holistically at financial needs and assist companies and individuals with solutions to meet these needs.

GRAP25/AASB119/IAS19 Employee Benefits Liability Risk Management

ZAQ helps clients to reduce risks related to inflation and movements in interest rates

GRAP25/AASB119/IAS19 Actuarial Valuations of Employee Benefits

ZAQ provides world-class GRAP25/AASB119/IAS19 valuations – helpings clients to plan adequately for future employee benefit obligations, saving time & resources

IFRS2/AASB2 Actuarial Valuations of Share-based Payments

We frequently have the privilege of helping our clients reduce income statement volatility – especially when non-actuarial calculation techniques were utilized in past financial periods

Damages Valuations for Legal Purposes

ZAQ helps clients to ensure that accurate damages claims can be submitted

Actuarial Cash-flow Modelling

ZAQ helps clients with regards to future cash-flow modelling

IT ERM Support and Implementation Solutions

ZAQ endorses Symbiant Risk Suite for its clients’ IT ERM related needs