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Mopane Asset Management

Mopane Asset Management is a new boutique asset management company established in the Republic of Namibia. Mopane Asset Management focuses on developing relationships with pension funds and high net-worth clients, while providing independent investment solutions and asset allocation strategies. Their vision is to be the asset management company of choice for all stakeholders and the nature of their relationship with international partners allows them to work towards achieving these goals.


Nande Capital

Nande Capital, a majority black-owned private equity advisory firm specialises in providing accessible, diversified and cost-efficient solutions to South African investors in the alternative asset classes (private equity, infrastructure and others), whether locally or internationally. Nande Capital’s aim is to make private equity accessible and palatable to institutional and retail investors in a way which was previously impossible in South Africa.


Igaba Farms Property Fund

Igaba Farms Property Fund (“Igaba”) is a private equity real estate investment holding and development fund focusing on transformation in the South African primary agricultural sector. Igaba, being majority black-owned, is well positioned to unlock previously inaccessible value in this market due to its nature as an empowerment partner for existing successful farming operations by investing in and developing agricultural assets to unlock long term value for its investors.


Infrastructure Debt Fund

ZAQ is working with Fairtree Asset Management to launch a Infrastructure Debt Fund that will give institutional and private investors access to invest into South African renewable energy infrastructure projects. The Infrastructure Debt Fund will be looking to invest up to R10 billion debt into renewable energy infrastructure projects over the next 5 years throughout South Africa.