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icon Short Term Insurance

We help our clients understand potential risks they may face. By doing so, we assist in finding the best insurance fit for what you are willing to pay. ZAQ’s speciality ranges between commercial, personal, agriculture, financial lines and professional indemnity cover. Whatever the need, we will provide a sensible solution to protect your interests.

icon Employee Benefits

We offer a complete corporate solution to help you choose and implement the best value for money retirement and risk benefits tailored for you and your employees. We will assess your business needs based on specific demographics and provide a customised solution. We believe that the less you pay on fees, the more of your hard earned savings can go towards retirement.

icon Health and Gap

Being in good health is not always easy but it is important for one to live a quality life. ZAQ and our providers help you to strategise and even improve your health, from offering free preventative screenings to savings on contributions and a strong claims paying ability. We go even further by setting up a shortfall benefit (Gap Cover), to cover the gap that exists between what your medical aid pays and fees charged on your private healthcare.

icon Retirement Savings

We analyse your current retirement fund offering on six key factors, such as asset allocations, size of contribution and returns earned which determine the adequacy of capital at retirement. Based on our findings we make some recommendations on how your performance can be improved.

icon Financial Wellness

By having a holistic approach to the wealth management of our clients, we can establish a score of how ‘financially well’ our clients are. We then focus on all aspects of our clients’ financial position; debt management, savings, accurate investment management, wills and needed life insurance that all affect your estate.
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